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Princess Cruises

Island Princess in Greenland
Sky Princess in Spain
Tom and Enchanted Princess in Iceland

Princess Cruises, founded in 1965 by Stanley McDonald, started with a single ship chartered to sail the Mexican Riviera. The line gained fame in the 1970s when its ship, the Pacific Princess, starred in the TV series "The Love Boat," boosting its popularity and transforming cruising into a mainstream vacation choice.

Based in Santa Clarita, California, Princess Cruises expanded its fleet and itineraries, becoming known for innovation in the cruise industry. It introduced features like affordable balcony cabins, onboard wedding chapels, and "Movies Under the Stars" outdoor theaters.

Today, Princess Cruises operates a diverse fleet of modern ships, offering voyages to destinations worldwide, including Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. The line emphasizes personalized service, culinary excellence, and immersive experiences, often partnering with local experts to provide enriching shore excursions.

A subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc, Princess Cruises continues to evolve, focusing on sustainability and enhanced guest experiences, maintaining its legacy as a leader in the global cruise industry.

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We have sailed on the following Princess cruise ships and you can find a wealth of information by clicking on each!

Sky Princess
Enchanted Princess
Island Princess
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