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Extra Onboard Spending Money


One of the best ways of getting additional onboard spending money (OBC) is to purchase some Carnival Shares. Here we tell you how you can benefit from being a shareholder. We first purchased Carnival Shares in June 2022 and by July 2023, we have received a total £600 in OBC as a result. Making it a fantastic benefit for those that cruise! 


If you own 100 shares or more of CCL or CUK, you qualify for certain perks in the form of onboard credit OBC. Only one shareholder benefit can be claimed per cabin, so if you are sharing a cabin with someone and they are also a shareholder you cannot claim the benefit twice. These onboard credits can be used to purchase drinks, souvenirs, spa treatments, book shore excursions, and more.


Carnival Cruise Lines

You can claim for Shareholder benefits on the following Cruise lines.



P&O Australia





Holland America




Depending on the duration of your cruise and the region you can receive the following benefits.

Copy of Ambassador Q&A.png

The benefit is currently valid for sailings until July 31, 2024, on the cruise lines mentioned above. To receive these benefits, it is important to submit your application at least three weeks before the departure date of your cruise.

Things to be aware of

The following exceptions apply:

  • You are not eligible if you are cruising on a reduced rate or complimentary basis.

  • You are not eligible if you are an employee of Carnival, a travel agent cruising at travel agent rates, interline rates, or a tour conductor.

  • You cannot pass the benefit onto someone else either, only the named shareholder will receive any OBC benefit.

  • OBC cannot be converted to cash or used for casino credits and charges, or for gratuities charged to your onboard account.

How to claim

To apply for the shareholder benefit you now need to use the Stockperks App, this is available from your phones App Store. You will need to register for an account and provide proof of your identify as well as proof of ownership of Carnival shares. This can all be done in the app.

It will take a few days for the shareholder benefit, perks, to be activated. You can then use the Stockperks App to apply for the perk by selecting the Carnival PLC cruise line you have booked on and provide the following details.

·       Reservation/booking number

·       Ship and sailing date

You will then be notified in the Stockperks app if your application has been successful.

Full information and contact details on the 2023-24 Carnival Shareholder Benefit can be found here.

How we bought our shares

There are several brokers and services you can use to purchase Carnival shares. We used a company called Freetrade as we found it very easy to use. It is 100% app based, there are no monthly fees for maintaining your account and they give you a share statement every month. The share statement is proof of ownership, and this is what we use when requesting the benefit, we have never been refused or turned down.


If you are interested in Freetrade you can use the link here, once you have made your first purchase you and us will also receive a free share worth between £10 and £100!

DISCLAIMER- We, Tom and Dom Travel, are not financial experts. We are offering this information to support you in obtaining Carnival Shareholder benefits in the form of onboard credit (OBC). Your investment can go up as well as down. There are many brokers and services available to purchase shares, Freetrade is one that we use ourselves. 

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