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Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, is a charming blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and modern amenities. Situated on the southwest coast of Iceland, Reykjavik is known for its stunning landscape, with dramatic views of mountains and sea.


For our last day in Iceland Enchanted Princess visited the capital, Reykjavik! It was a very long day as we had booked an excursion to visit the Golden Circle. It was a full 9 hour day and we visited the Geysir Hot Springs, Gullfoss Waterfalls and Thingvellir National Park, it was fantastic.

Reykjavík and the Golden Circle are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. Here's a brief travel guide for each:


  1. Explore the city center: Start your journey by wandering around Reykjavík's compact and charming city center. Visit Hallgrímskirkja, an iconic church offering panoramic views of the city from its tower.

  2. The Sun Voyager: Walk along the waterfront to see the Sun Voyager sculpture, a beautiful art installation representing a Viking ship and symbolizing the spirit of discovery.

  3. Harpa Concert Hall: Admire the modern architecture of the Harpa Concert Hall and consider catching a show or performance if time permits.

  4. Whale Watching: Take a whale watching tour from the Old Harbor to spot magnificent marine life like humpback whales, dolphins, and puffins.

  5. Local Cuisine: Try Icelandic delicacies like hákarl (fermented shark), Icelandic lamb, and fresh seafood. Visit the Reykjavík Street Food Market for a variety of local dishes.

  6. Blue Lagoon: While not technically in Reykjavík (it's closer to Keflavík Airport), the Blue Lagoon is a must-visit geothermal spa. Soak in the warm, milky-blue waters surrounded by volcanic landscapes.

The Golden Circle:

  1. Þingvellir National Park: Start the Golden Circle tour at Þingvellir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a place of historical and geological significance, where the Icelandic parliament Alþingi was established in 930 AD.

  2. Geysir Geothermal Area: Witness the erupting geysers at the Geysir Geothermal Area, including the famous Strokkur, which erupts every few minutes.

  3. Gullfoss Waterfall: Next, visit Gullfoss, one of Iceland's most iconic waterfalls. Marvel at the powerful cascades as the glacial waters tumble into a rugged canyon.

  4. Faxi Waterfall and Friðheimar Greenhouse: On your way back to Reykjavík, make a stop at the smaller but beautiful Faxi waterfall. Also, consider visiting the Friðheimar greenhouse, where you can learn about geothermal horticulture and enjoy a meal surrounded by tomato plants.

  5. Secret Lagoon (optional): For a more relaxed hot spring experience, you can opt to visit the Secret Lagoon, an authentic natural pool.

Remember to dress warmly, even in the summer months, as the weather in Iceland can be quite unpredictable. Additionally, consider renting a car or joining a guided tour to make the most of your time exploring these incredible destinations.

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