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Princess Cruises Adjusts MedallionNet Internet Package Prices Making The Plus And Premier Packages More Appealing.

In a recent announcement on January 22, Princess Cruises has made waves by adjusting the prices of its MedallionNet internet packages aboard its cruise ships. The changes, including nearly doubling the cost of one package, have stirred conversations among passengers and travel enthusiasts alike.

Effective immediately, passengers are witnessing a significant shift in the cost of internet access as the cruise line adapts to the evolving landscape. Notably, higher rates for purchasing internet packages onboard are slated to commence on January 31, further shaping the new digital seascape for cruise-goers.

Individual Device Access:

For passengers seeking internet access for a single device throughout the entire cruise, the impact is most profound. Previously priced at $14.99 per day, the new daily rate has surged by 67%, now standing at $24.99. Even for those opting for a one-day, one-device plan, the daily cost has increased by 50%, transitioning from $19.00 to $29.99.

Multi-Device Connectivity:

The cruise line is also reshaping its offerings for those looking to connect multiple devices. For $44.99 a day, up to four devices can now access Princess' onboard Wi-Fi for the entire voyage, marking a 13% increase from the previous rate of $39.99. Meanwhile, individuals seeking single-day access for up to four devices will now pay $54.99, reflecting a 38% increase from the former daily rate of $39.99.


As the cruise industry adapts to the ever-changing demands of the digital era, passengers find themselves navigating new waters with adjusted internet package prices. The recent adjustments highlight the now even greater savings to be made when passengers take out the Princess Plus or Princess Premier packages. Passengers should plan accordingly as they embark on their next maritime adventure, equipped with the latest information on MedallionNet internet package pricing.


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