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Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is a vibrant and historic destination that offers a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern allure. Nestled on the banks of the Tagus River and adorned with picturesque hills, Lisbon boasts a captivating mix of architectural styles, colorful tiles, and cobblestone streets.

We experience an INCREDIBLE sail-away in LISBON! SKY Princess - DAY 6 VLOG

We had the opportunity to visit Lisbon in Portugal, a very bust port with lots of attractions. These are some of the highlights from Day 6 and the wonderful port of Lisbon, Portugal. This was our first time visiting Lisbon and we went ashore independently.

One of Lisbon's most iconic districts is Alfama, a labyrinthine neighbourhood where narrow alleys wind their way up to the São Jorge Castle. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in Lisbon's rich heritage, exploring medieval streets, admiring ancient churches, and enjoying panoramic views of the city from the castle's ramparts.

In contrast to its historical areas, Lisbon also features cosmopolitan neighbourhoods such as Baixa and Chiado. These districts showcase grand plazas, elegant buildings, and lively pedestrian streets filled with boutique shops, trendy cafes, and bookstores. The Elevador de Santa Justa, a stunning iron elevator dating back to the 19th century, offers a unique perspective as it connects the lower Baixa area to the elevated Carmo Square.

A must-visit attraction in Lisbon is the Belém district, renowned for its rich maritime history and iconic monuments. The Belém Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands proudly on the Tagus River and served as a defensive fortress during the Age of Discoveries. Nearby, the impressive Jerónimos Monastery showcases intricate Manueline architecture and houses the tomb of explorer Vasco da Gama.

Food enthusiasts will delight in Lisbon's culinary scene, which is heavily influenced by its coastal location. The city is famous for its fresh seafood, pastéis de nata (traditional custard tarts), and hearty dishes like bacalhau (salted codfish). Exploring the lively Mercado da Ribeira food market, also known as Time Out Market, is a fantastic way to sample a variety of local flavours.

When it comes to outdoor leisure, Lisbon offers several green spaces perfect for relaxation. The beautiful Eduardo VII Park provides stunning views over the city, while the colourful tiled façade of the Estufa Fria greenhouse beckons visitors to explore its lush botanical gardens.

To truly experience Lisbon's vibrant atmosphere, visitors should immerse themselves in the city's Fado music. This traditional Portuguese music genre, often described as soulful and melancholic, can be enjoyed in intimate Fado houses across the city.

With its rich history, architectural wonders, delectable cuisine, and lively cultural scene, Lisbon is a captivating destination that will leave visitors with lasting memories of their travel experience.


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