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Azura docked in Hamburg
Tom and Dom in the Elbe Tunnel

Welcome to the Port of Hamburg, a historic and bustling maritime hub since 1189. As Germany's largest port and one of the most significant in Europe, it handles over 130 million tonnes of cargo annually, connecting global markets with unmatched efficiency. Nestled on the Elbe River, the port is not only a cornerstone of international trade but also a vibrant tourist destination.

Key attractions include the UNESCO-listed Speicherstadt, the cutting-edge HafenCity district, and the stunning Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Whether for business or leisure, the Port of Hamburg offers a unique blend of rich history, modern infrastructure, and captivating sights, making it a premier gateway to Europe.

Our adventure began with a visit to one of Hamburg's iconic landmarks – the New Elbe Tunnel. As we descended into the depths of this engineering marvel, we marvelled at the intricate tile work adorning the walls and the historic elevators transporting pedestrians and cyclists to the other side of the Elbe River. Walking through the tunnel, we felt a sense of knowing we were under the river itself and how the tunnel must have been used in days gone by.​

Elbe Tunnel
St. Michael's Church
Hamburg City Centre

Emerging from the tunnel, we found ourselves in the shadow of the majestic St. Michael's Cathedral. Known affectionately as "Michel" by locals, this stunning Baroque church stands as a symbol of Hamburg's resilience and faith. We took a moment to admire its grandeur before venturing inside to marvel at the interior. The inside did feel rather busy as it was a popular attraction. We also had the chance to visit the crypt below. It had less of a eerie feeling than we were expecting.


With the cathedral exploration complete, we made our way to Hamburg's bustling city centre, eager to immerse ourselves in its vibrant atmosphere. However, being a Sunday, we quickly realized that most shops were closed. Undeterred, we embraced the opportunity to stroll through the deserted streets, window shopping from all the high end stores.​

As hunger beckoned, we decided to seek out a taste of authentic German cuisine, leading us to the welcoming doors of Hofbrau Munchen. Nestled in the heart of the city, this cozy establishment offered a tempting array of traditional Bavarian dishes and an impressive selection of German beers served in classic steins. From hearty bratwurst to mouthwatering schnitzel, each bite was a culinary delight, perfectly complemented by the refreshing brews.


With satisfied appetites and spirits lifted, it was time to bid farewell to Hamburg's city centre and make our way back to the cruise terminal. A short walk brought us to the iconic Rathaus, where we boarded a coach that would whisk us away to our awaiting ship. As we watched the city skyline fade into the distance, we couldn't help but reflect on the day's adventures and the memories we had created in this enchanting city.

German Bier Haus
Tom and Dom with Sisters on the Seas
Tom and Dom in the centre of Hamburg

Our time in Hamburg may have been brief, but it left an indelible mark on our hearts. From exploring historic landmarks to savouring local flavours, every moment was a testament to the city's charm and hospitality. As our cruise ship set sail once more, we carried with us the promise of future adventures and the hope of returning to Hamburg's shores someday. Until then, auf wiedersehen, Hamburg – you will always hold a special place in our memories.

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We explored Hamburg independently and docked in Altona Cruise Terminal which was only a 20 minute walk to the Old Elbe Tunnel. We visited St Michaels church, explored the central area of the city and enjoyed some traditional German food and drink.

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On Day 3 we docked in Hamburg, Germany. It was also Halloween and MSC Preziosa was decorated for the festivities. We explored Hamburg independently on foot and visited the Rauthaus, St Michaels Church and Crypt and the Elbe Tunnel. H

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