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Belfast, the vibrant capital of Northern Ireland and an integral part of the United Kingdom, beckons with its rich history, captivating sights, and warm hospitality.

Docking Locations: For large cruise ships, the primary docking point is Stormont Dock, situated three miles north of the city center in Belfast Harbour. Smaller vessels may find their way to Pollock Dock, closer to town. If shuttle services are not provided, you can access City Hall, conveniently located beside the visitor information center, by walking or taking bus 94 from the main road. Cruise schedules can be checked at and

Money and Tipping: When it comes to currency, Northern Ireland employs the British Pound (GBP), and local banks issue their own notes at a 1:1 rate. While English Sterling notes are often mixed with local ones, it is advisable to request change in English notes for easier exchange outside of Northern Ireland. Banks typically exchange currency without charging a commission. In restaurants, a small tip of around 10-15% is appreciated.

Local Transportation: While buses are readily available, many attractions within the city center can be conveniently reached on foot. City Sightseeing offers Hop-On, Hop-Off (HOHO) bus tours from City Hall, providing a comprehensive way to explore the city. More information can be found at

Accommodation: To find suitable accommodations in Belfast, you can search for hotels in the city using available online resources.

Sights: For a captivating day trip away from the bustling city, consider visiting Giant's Causeway, renowned for its extraordinary hexagonal rock formations. It is approximately 50 miles north of Belfast, and you can easily reach it within an hour by bus. The visitor's center provides a shuttle service that takes you downhill to the shore, where you can embark on a memorable walk along the cliffs and explore the area. A helpful visitor guide is available at

Within Belfast itself, notable attractions include the option to partake in a Mural Tour (inquire at the visitor's center for more details), a visit to the impressive Belfast Castle (accessible via any bus 1, ranging from 1A to 1G, from the city center), and the renowned Titanic Belfast Exhibit, a popular tourist destination located near the port. While the Titanic Belfast Exhibit is visible from the cruise terminal, it is advisable to arrange transportation as it is a bit far to reach on foot. Further information is available at

Shopping & Restaurants: Indulge in a delightful shopping experience at Donegal Place and its surrounding pedestrian malls. If you venture north along Royal Ave, you'll find the Castle Court Centre Mall, while the Victoria Square Mall lies to the east, offering a public viewing area at its apex. St. George's Market on May Street is a fantastic farmer's market, while Smithfield Market, situated behind the Castle Court shopping center, features an array of independent shops.

For a unique drinking experience, be sure to visit the Crown Liquor Saloon, heralded as the most beautiful pub in Northern Ireland. It sits across from the Europa Hotel, known for being the most bombed hotel in the world.

Internet: While exploring the city, many cafes and restaurants offer complimentary Wi-Fi services for their customers, allowing you to stay connected throughout your visit.

We visit the TITANIC EXPERIENCE and dine in SEA & GRASS on AMBASSADOR Ambience - DAY 7 VLOG

Day 7 of our Ambassador Ambience cruise and we visited Belfast. We had previously visited the city on our second ever cruise on Marella Explorer. We had pre-booked tickets for the Titanic Experience directly and had to make our own way following the Titanic Trail in the city.

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